More Slony-I Help

27. More Slony-I Help

If you are having problems with Slony-I, you have several options for help:

  • Before submitting questions to any public forum as to why "something mysterious" has happened to your replication cluster, be sure to run the Section 5.1 tool and be prepared to provide its output. It may give some clues as to what is wrong, and the results are likely to be of some assistance in analyzing the problem.

  • - the official "home" of Slony-I

  • Documentation on the Slony-I Site- Check the documentation on the Slony website: Howto

  • A copy of this documentation lives at Christopher Browne's Web Site .

  • Other Documentation - There are several articles here Varlena GeneralBits that may be helpful.

  • IRC - There are usually some people on #slony on who may be able to answer some of your questions. There is also a bot named "rtfm_please" that you may want to chat with.

  • Mailing lists - The answer to your problem may exist in the Slony1-general mailing list archives, or you may choose to ask your question on the Slony1-general mailing list. The mailing list archives, and instructions for joining the list may be found here.

  • If your Russian is much better than your English, then KirovOpenSourceCommunity: Slony may be the place to go.

  • pgpool

    pgpool is a connection pool server for PostgreSQL; it allows an application to connect to it as if it were a standard PostgreSQL server. It caches connections, which reduces the overhead involved in establishing them. It supports a "scheduled switchover" feature, which would allow dynamically switching over from one server to another. That would be very useful when doing a SLONIK MOVE SET, as it would allow applications to be switched to point to the new origin without needing to update their configuration.

27.1. Other Information Sources