setaddtable( integer, integer, text, name, text )

1.97. setaddtable( integer, integer, text, name, text )

Function Properties

Language: PLPGSQL

Return Type: bigint

setAddTable (set_id, tab_id, tab_fqname, tab_idxname, tab_comment) Add table tab_fqname to replication set on origin node, and generate SET_ADD_TABLE event to allow this to propagate to other nodes. Note that the table id, tab_id, must be unique ACROSS ALL SETS.

	p_set_id			alias for $1;
	p_tab_id			alias for $2;
	p_fqname			alias for $3;
	p_tab_idxname		alias for $4;
	p_tab_comment		alias for $5;
	v_set_origin		int4;
	-- ----
	-- Grab the central configuration lock
	-- ----
	lock table sl_config_lock;

	-- ----
	-- Check that we are the origin of the set
	-- ----
	select set_origin into v_set_origin
			from sl_set
			where set_id = p_set_id;
	if not found then
		raise exception 'Slony-I: setAddTable(): set % not found', p_set_id;
	end if;
	if v_set_origin != getLocalNodeId('_schemadoc') then
		raise exception 'Slony-I: setAddTable(): set % has remote origin', p_set_id;
	end if;

	if exists (select true from sl_subscribe
			where sub_set = p_set_id)
		raise exception 'Slony-I: cannot add table to currently subscribed set %',
	end if;

	-- ----
	-- Add the table to the set and generate the SET_ADD_TABLE event
	-- ----
	perform setAddTable_int(p_set_id, p_tab_id, p_fqname,
			p_tab_idxname, p_tab_comment);
	return  createEvent('_schemadoc', 'SET_ADD_TABLE',
			p_set_id::text, p_tab_id::text, p_fqname::text,
			p_tab_idxname::text, p_tab_comment::text);