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Slony-I CVS


Note that the following material is obsolete, as Slony-I source code is (as of 2010-07-15) being managed using Git. Please see the Git repository instead.

Anonymous CVS Access


You may access Slony-I sources via anonymous CVS using the following command:

CVSROOT="" cvs login
(when it prompts for a password, you may press [enter])
CVSROOT="" cvs co slony1-engine

Developer CVS Access


If you are one of the developers, and have had your ssh key added in on a suitable account, you can access as a specific user with update privileges:

MYSLONYNAME=cbbrowne CVS_RSH=ssh CVSROOT=":ext:${MYSLONYNAME}" cvs co slony1-engine

Modules Available

  • slony1-engine - the replication engine project - obsolete!
  • slony1-www - web site material for - not quite so obsolete

Christopher Browne
Last modified: Thu Jul 15 17:09:07 EDT 2010